Our Story

Immerse yourself in the taste of India at Udupi Bhavan. Savor the delicious Indian cuisine at one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Massachusetts. For years, we have been serving tantalizing Indian food in Lowell. Our commitment to serving high quality authentic food has made us a popular family restaurant in Middlesex. We take pride in bringing the real taste of India to your plate, and our guests have never been disappointed. As a premier Indian restaurant in Middlesex, our focus in on serving dishes from all parts of India. This is why we have curated a menu that features exquisite dishes from various popular Indian cuisines.
Amandeep Kaur


We Create Flavour

When it comes to food, India stands out with its seemingly endless platter of different flavors, spices, and cooking styles. From the delicious food of South India to the exquisite Rajasthani Buffet, every platter has a unique experience to offer.